Time Switch
Timer Open
Timer Closed
  • Seamless Configuration

    Equipped with up to 800 memory spaces, the talento smart time switch is the ideal solution for easy and efficient adjustment and management of time switch functions.

  • Improved Usability

    The talento smart offers:

    • High-resolution dot-matrix display
    • Clear text notifications in 14 languages
    • Intuitive icons
    • Context-sensitive controls
  • Time-Saving Installation

    Use Comfort Setup with wildcards to streamline programming. For regularly recurring events, monthly and yearly placeholder wildcards can be used instead of programming each date separately.

  • Easy Programming

    Programming is available for the tablet, smartphone and PC. No additional hardware is required. The simplified menu structure features:

    • Standard and advanced modes
    • Wilcard function
    • Programming with or without dates
  • Wireless Data Transfer

    The Grässlin smartlink app allows electricians to create programs, then transfer them to a talento smart time switch using Bluetooth® technology. Existing programs can be exported from the time switch to a mobile device.

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